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We are passionate about what we do

Welcome to the new HMS homes blog!

The launch of our blog features alongside the launch of our brand new website, something that has been in the works for quite some time.

Being the perfectionists we are, we couldn’t show our new ‘face’ to the world without all of the t’s being crossed and i’s dotted.

Finally though, we are delighted to report – we are ready!

Who are we?

Founded in 2014, HMS homes will this year celebrate 4 successful years of building our business and brand in the UAE. There have been many highs and some great memories made. We have experienced some challenges along the way but that is something any honest start-up will attest to.

Throughout it all though, we knew this – who we wanted to be and where we wanted to go as well as what we don’t want to be.

We have a strong trio of real estate experts heading us up in HMS homes, Devin Hipkin, Tom Moon and Craig Salmons.

We have core British values but with Dubai flavour and this is something we are very proud of.

Why do we exist?

With over 30 years combined experience in real estate, 15 of those in Dubai, our directors have worked for some of the UK & UAE’s biggest real estate brands.

However, having worked for other organisations for their whole lives, in 2014 Devin, Tom and Craig decided it was time to create their own legacy. Something that started as a casual conversation between friends then grew in to what we know today as HMS homes.

Building a brand comes with its trials and tribulations. It is a roller coaster but that’s not to say it isn’t an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding one!

Why are we different?

At HMS homes, we like to think of ourselves as more of a family. Our home is an open plan office, there are no closed doors and our directors sit up front. We believe this creates an atmosphere of openness and honesty as well as bridging the gap between director and employee.

Our office atmosphere is light and ambient, we are fortunate to have a director who can moonlight as a DJ spinning the tunes all day! Creating the right working atmosphere is so important for us – we want our employees to feel motivated, inspired and positive.

Our office is located in iRise Tower in Barsha Heights. We felt it was important to be ‘in the centre’ of the areas we specialise in, so that location wise we don’t favour any one team as well as being accessible for our clients.

We want to change the experience that tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers have with agencies ensuring excellent customer service and honest, reliable and informed market knowledge.

What have we achieved?

As any new business would hope, we have grown year on year with 2017 seeing our biggest period of growth to date.
Records were set and subsequently smashed, our staff more than doubled in size as did our office space and we launched our successful Off Plan Sales department.

We enjoyed our most successful month since opening, something which we fully intend on surpassing this year, and have achieved awards and recognition from some of Dubai’s top developers.

With any substantial period of growth of course comes change, faces have come and gone and teams have changed. As is the nature of any ex-pat paradise, Dubai can be a transient place at times and being a broker here is not for everyone. To be a successful broker in Dubai, as well as being a natural sales person, you must have determination, drive and most importantly, a can-do attitude.

Dubai wasn’t built in a day and neither is a successful real estate agent. It is true that you will probably never work harder and longer hours than you do in the Dubai but with the reward being uncapped, tax free income the end result could not be sweeter.

What’s ahead for HMS homes?

2018 for us is about growth and maturity.

The market in Dubai is evolving and maturing and in our fourth year of operation this is what we want to do too.

We expect to see growth across all areas, particularly in our Off Plan Sales department which we will continue to expand.

We have migrated to the best real estate software system available on the market, enabling our brokers to work smarter and more efficiently as well as out sourcing an excellent team of IT specialists.

We are expanding our team again and by close of 2018 our aim is to double in size once more, thanks to our in-house recruiter, who is committed to bringing the best real estate talent from the UK, Dubai and beyond. If you feel you have what it takes get in touch with us today on

To complement our growing number of brokers, we have increased our (wo)man power within our excellent administrative support team, headed up by Janine Masongsong, our senior administrator, who has been with us since the beginning.

We are increasing our marketing and social media activity and have employed a full time graphic designer to help bring our creativity and ideas to fruition!

At HMS homes, we believe in developing and retaining talent within our own walls, we want our employees to grow with us, to be part of our evolution and redefine what success looks like in Dubai

And with that, we sign off on our first blog. We hope you have enjoyed reading and will continue with us on our journey through 2018 and beyond!

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