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Tips on how to sell or rent your property

Whether you are selling or renting your property, making some changes can really make all the difference to ensure a quick sale or tenancy. Has your property been on the market for a long time? Then a few simple changes could be all it takes. Read our helpful hints and tips below for best preparing your property.

When a prospective tenant or buyer comes to view your property, they will naturally want to envisage themselves living there. Decluttering and depersonalizing gives the space a blank canvas and allows the buyer or tenant to see the excellent living space you are offering them.

Some buyers and tenants find it difficult to visualise and see past the clutter which in essence is off putting as all they see is a hectic household!  They are not just buying in to your property, they are buying in to a lifestyle and as such you want to show them the attractive side of what living there is like! So, give them the feel of why you moved in or bought the property originally.

Consider putting bulky furniture items and excess clutter in to storage and giving your living areas some welcome breathing space.

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour will modernise your home and make spaces appear lighter and bigger. Neutralising will also create a ‘ready to move in’ aesthetic which will aid your buyers or tenants when imagining themselves and their possessions in there. It also allows homeowners to envisage how they will adapt the room to their needs.

If you live in a villa, make sure the outside areas are manicured, landscaped and presented well.  This is your tenant or buyer’s first impression of your property so ensuring it is clean and well-kept is important. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Have the property professionally cleaned so that it is sparkling clean! Polish, wax, sanitize and having carpets professionally cleaned will make all the difference as will cleaning the white goods which buyers or tenants are likely to look inside.

In Dubai, everything and anything collects dust, so outside spaces such as balconies and gardens are also worth giving some extra attention to so that people can visualise themselves spending time there.

You do not need to spend thousands in upgrades to sell or rent your home, but a little extra care and attention where required does help.  In particular, the kitchen – being one of the most social areas of the home – is often an area of contention i.e “we like the property but the kitchen is dated / small / not our style.  You do not need a whole redesign; resurfacing you counter tops, retiling the floor and cabinetry wraps are all largely economical ways of updating your kitchen.

Ambient lighting makes rooms feel bigger – add uplighters and table lamps to living spaces especially where the main light does not reach every corner of the room.  Wall mirrors also make a room look much bigger and lighter and replace any broken light bulbs!

Buyers and tenants always notice something when they walk inside your home – the smell! Whether that is good or bad. Bad smells are a huge turn off for prospective buyers and tenants – clear drains, wash bins, rid the kitchen of old cooking smells and ensure your home is smoke free.

Investing in a few strategically placed automatic air fresheners is also beneficial to give your home a modern, fresh smell.

If the property is vacant we recommend connecting the DEWA and running the AC to avoid any damp or moldy smells as this has proven off putting to the clients on numerous occasions.

For landlords looking to rent out their property, this will be one of the main factors you have to consider when you decide to rent your property.  Furnished properties are more likely to rent easily when the furnishings are neutral, modern and contemporary!

Tenants and buyers want to put their own personal touch on their home which is much harder in a property filled with someone else’s personal effects! If its bold, bright and an acquired taste then we recommend removing it.

Unfurnished properties offer a complete blank canvas for tenants and are a popular choice for those who have lived in Dubai for a number of years and have their own furniture.

Consider including white goods if your property does not come with these as standard as most tenants prefer not to have to purchase these additionally.

Why wait to make minor repairs? Holes in walls, broken door knobs and cracked tiles are all an easy fix and give people confidence in the property knowing they can move in without having to make any changes.

Take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.

If you, the homeowner, are at the property during the viewings we recommend that you DO NOT follow the agent, buyer or tenant around the property as the client will not feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.  We recommend taking a seat in the living room or dining room and letting the agent take the client around the property.

At the end of the viewing if there are any questions they can then be asked. It is important to the let your agent do the job as they know best on how to sell or rent your property.

If your property is vacant and you cannot attend the viewings it is important that you inspect your property on a weekly basis or ask you agent to update you on all of the above to ensure all is in good shape.

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