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Dubai EXPO 2020 and everything  you need to know

EXPO 2020

in this months blog we will cover how the Expo will be influencing UAE’s economic growth, what to expect and all you need to know as the countdown is on

About Expo 2020

It is a platform for millions from different countries to come together and share ideas, showcase innovation, encourage collaboration and celebrate human ingenuity.

  • EXPO 2020 timeline – For 6 months, between October 2020 to April 2021
  • It will host hundreds of countries, companies, and people who convert insights into possibilities in the spheres of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability.
  • Expo 2020’s theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, a way to build partnerships and inspire ideas that will forge the world of tomorrow.

There are 3 sub themes that are key pillars to reaping the best of the chosen theme is

SUSTAINABILITY, for progress that does not compromise the life and the needs of the generations future;

MOBILITY, to create new, more efficient connections (physical or virtual) between people, communities, and countries; 

OPPORTUNITIES to be unlocked in favor of the future of the peoples.

Dubai Expo 2020 Location

If you’re staying in Dubai, you’ve probably noticed the upcoming “city” called Dubai South. the Dubai government is building a city within a city for Expo 2020! Covering a total of 438 hectares, Dubai South where Expo 2020 will be held is located close to the Al Maktoum International Airport.

Fun Fact: The Dubai Metro Route 2020 is expected to take 46,000 passengers per hour to and from the Expo 2020 site in under 16 minutes from Dubai Marina.

What to Expect at Dubai Expo 2020?

  • Limitless possibilities
  • Futuristic movies
  • Different country pavilions
  • Authentic dishes
  • Art installations

Where to stay during Expo 2020

The large estimated participation has pushed the construction of new UAE hotels to increase the number of facilities. Forecasts speak of an increase of nearly 40,000 hotel rooms, from 65,000 currently to more than 100,000. In addition to new hotels, the renovation and modernization of existing structures are already in place.

Influencing UAE’s economic growth –

Dubai will be the first city in the whole region of Middle East, Africa, and South Asia to host an Expo over the history. The population of this region is around 3.2 billion and its collective GDP is around 6.5 trillion dollars. The event is expected to have a great impact on Dubai and UAE’s economy. First of all, it shall encourage thousands of tourists to visit the country which will energize business, hospitality, real estate, recreation, and many other tourism sectors. Both public and private sectors will benefit from such a large-scale event. The event is awaited to leave a great legacy, Dubai will continue to track more visitors from all around the world to see the exhibition sites, it will also rapid economic development process since coming visitors will experience by themselves the uniqueness of Dubai as a business environment.

It’s evident that Expo 2020 is gaining great popularity and creating a lot of fuss, a lot of people are talking about, it is consuming many discussions on social media pages and forums, and the infrastructure projects under construction in preparation for this event is getting coverage from local and international news agencies. Even traffic on real estate portals is surging especially on the areas surrounding Al Wasl Center which is poised to hold the main pavilion the Expo.

5 Areas Dubai Expo 2020 Will Impact On –

  • Infrastructure
  • Economy
  • Job Market
  • Real Estate
  • Media



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