Renting Process

  1. HMS homes will negotiate the deal including start date, price, how many cheques & any conditions with tenant and landlord.
  2. Once the deal is agreed, tenant gives a 5% deposit cheque in the name of the landlord to the broker and sends their Passport copy, visa copy and emirates ID copy.
  3. HMS homes will have the Landlords Title Deed copy, Passport Copy and Emirates ID copy (if POA then also need their passport, visa and Emirates ID copies) & proof that services charges have been paid.
  4. Tenancy contract will be drafted by HMS homes and emailed to both parties.
  5. Once contract agreed HMS homes will meet tenants to sign 3 original tenancy agreements, collect rental cheques, deposit cheque (if not already received) in name of the owner and 5% agency fee in name of HMS Homes Real Estate.
  6. HMS homes will meet Landlord, get contracts signed, handover cheques. Leave one signed contract with landlord, give one back to tenant and keep one for us.
  7. Broker will send out welcome email introducing all parties and attaching relevant documents for the tenancy including DEWA registration, Ejari registration and move in permits.

          Other Useful Information:

  1. Tenants DEWA deposit is AED 2,110 for apartment and AED 4,110 for Villa. This also the same for the landlord but they just pay it once and stays on file.
  2. You must complete DEWA before registering EJARI.
  3. Previous Ejari must now be cancelled by landlord via an NOC letter including passport number of previous tenant, reason for cancellation, final DEWA cancellation copy or new DEWA deposit receipt, copy of title deed and copy of emirates ID. Cost is around AED 40.
  4. You can register the new EJARI 24 hours after cancellation and cost is around AED 215.
  5. Only after you receive your EJARI Certificate you are able to apply for your move in permit which may take between 3-5 working days.





About Us

HMS Homes is an independently owned real estate company based in Dubai, focused on providing an exceptional service to all customers. With over 20 years' combined experience, founders Devin Hipkin, Tom Moon, and Craig Salmons have helped hundreds of people move home across the UK and the UAE. We believe that the real estate market and services currently offered within Dubai is in need of some improvement. With this in mind we feel if you receive honest advice from an experienced property professional, combined with prominent marketing of your home, you have the best chance of selling for the best price.

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