Buying And Selling Process

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Finance Buyer to Finance Seller

Finance Buyer to Cash Seller

Cash Buyer to Finance Seller

Cash Buyer to Cash Seller

Documents Required at Appointments

NOC Appointment

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Obtaining an Expat Mortgage in Dubai

Investor Visa

By investing in the UAE’s real estate market you get an opportunity to apply for an investor visa.

To be eligible for a UAE Investor Visa you must meet the following requirements:

To apply for your Investor Visa the process is as follows:

Please note the following:

*accurate at the time of writing. 09.01.14

Gifting a Property

As per rule you can gift your property to any first degree relative (spouse, parent, or child).

To do this you need the following documents:

The process is as follows:

Please note the following requirements:

About Us

HMS Homes is an independently owned real estate company based in Dubai, focused on providing an exceptional service to all customers. With over 20 years' combined experience, founders Devin Hipkin, Tom Moon, and Craig Salmons have helped hundreds of people move home across the UK and the UAE. We believe that the real estate market and services currently offered within Dubai is in need of some improvement. With this in mind we feel if you receive honest advice from an experienced property professional, combined with prominent marketing of your home, you have the best chance of selling for the best price.

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